General ramblings on zero-knowledge proofs, zk-SNARKs vs. zk-STARKs, and the path towards the blockchain's original promise of privacy.
This blockchain engineer’s eureka moment about a better approach to infrastructure hosting.
How web2 businesses entering web3 will need to rethink value creation
How a team of pseudonymous operators stifled chaos on the Secret Network.
The foundation of something monumental, from the team at Republic Crypto.
In this final part of the Super Token Thesis, we're talking grand consolidation: how to approach mergers and acquisition in a Web3 World
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In Part II, Infrastructure, we dive into what makes a Super App—and how it powers the value of the Super Token.
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Part I: The Dream opens by describing a world where aggregation powers mass adoption of a Super Token—and where Shitcoins are expelled from web3.
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